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Design collaboration

Work closely with customers to develop cost effective solutions to meet their needs.

Use of 3D design simulation and rapid prototyping.

Our people

Committed, experienced workforce with a high degree of technical knowledge.

Foundry production

High- volume moulding equipment used in flexible manner (zero time changeovers) to allow production of small or large volume batches.

Ability to produce diverse range of parts.

Technical expertise, investment in flexible automation and efficient working practices ensure cost of production is kept low, whilst quality of output is very high.

Machining capability

Highly invested machine shop focussed on the prismatic machining of castings primarily for the group customer base.

Robotic feeding of machines being rolled out to aid efficiencies and quality standards.

Vertical integration of assembly processes available.

Delivery to customer

Investment in logistics systems ensures a diverse product range is managed effectively meeting strict customer delivery deadlines.

Experience in managing logistics both domestically and for the export market.

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Value for stakeholders


Flexible, agile and cost-effective supply of high-quality and diverse product range.

Long-term security of supply.


Training and investment allowing our employees to develop in a challenging and ambitious environment.


Maintaining competitive position affords us growth opportunities to increase returns to our shareholders.

Strong cash generation and a progressive dividend policy.

Communities and environment

We aim to contribute positively to the communities and environment in which we operate.

A recycler of steel scrap metal produced in the UK.